ConvExx works with you to develop a detailed marketing plan and timeline for the event. All our plans include strategic direction to bring exhibitors and attendees to the event, but also to create a global brand, so important in everyone’s marketplace.  The development plan includes every aspect of marketing and PR to ensure coverage by all media outlets.

ConvExx will appoint and supervise an experienced marketing agency to handle the marketing production for the Show. This agency will have experience in producing marketing materials for trade shows, including direct mailing pieces, flyers, brochures, buyer invitations, posters, and collateral materials.

Select the appropriate publications to brand the event and partner with is one of the most important element of the marketing plan.  ConvExx works with print and internet publications to create synergistic partnership that benefit the show.

  • ConvExx supervises the preparation and mailing of the exhibit sales materials
  • ConvExx constantly looks for out-of-the-box marketing opportunities to find new exhibitors
  • ConvExx understands the value of an existing exhibitor and works hard at client retention.


The ConvExx Sales Department provides full telemarketing support from the ConvExx offices in Las Vegas. Our Account Executives will be your “product champions”. Daily outreach for exhibit space and sponsorship sales, and providing exhibitor customer service is included.  We recognize the importance of retention as well as new lead generation and include both in the sales plan for each event.

ConvExx maintains a database of all exhibitor prospects including all pertinent information on each exhibitor and prospect, generating a record of all meaningful communications with exhibitors that take place throughout the year.

  • Account Executives regularly contact current exhibitors to sell sponsorships and to assist exhibitors in preparing for the Show.  A special program for first time exhibitors raises their awareness of the Show and encourages retention.
  • Account Executives allocate a portion of each day to contact new leads and farm relevant materials, websites and other events to find potential exhibitors.
  • ConvExx maintains all contract information electronically, using up to date technology.
  • ConvExx creates electronic floor plans with the industry-leading ExpoCad software, which maintains accurate control of exhibit space inventory. At the same time, prospective exhibitors and Association personnel have the ability to view the floor plans via the Internet.

Educational Programming

Educational Programming enhances a trade show or convention. The right keynote, the latest in technical clinics and exhibitor sessions grow your event and make it a must-attend.

ConvExx is equipped to coordinate all planned educational activities as they relate to the presentation of seminars, workshops, symposia, and general sessions.

  • Our staff understands the detail needed to secure the services of keynote, seminar, and workshops speakers, moderators and facilitators.
  • A dedicated meeting planning staff arranges for all meeting room set-ups, speaker ready rooms, audio-visual equipment, and other needs of speakers and moderators pre-show and on-site.

Floor Plans and Operations

A managed floor plan creates revenue, happy exhibitors and efficiency for the attendees. Working with our team, clients can expect the best possible utilization of the convention center floor, whether it be for exhibit space, affiliate needs or special areas designed to improve traffic flow.

  • We use ExpoCad, the leader in floor management and all floor plans are drawn in-house by show management.
  • Constant review of the floor plan allows for the maximum use of floor space, and eliminates dead end aisles or empty areas, which increases exhibitor satisfaction
  • When creating the floor plan, we take into consideration special seating areas, concession stands and specialty areas, designed to draw traffic to the entire show floor
  • We’ve created exhibit floors in convention centers, hotel ballrooms, meeting rooms, parking lots and dirt lots.  Each has unique challenges which we’ve risen to.


Long before the Event opens, your attendees become part of the event through registration.  It’s important that this experience be a warm greeting.  Registration is also the best method of gathering important data about who attends your event, their buying power, geographic data and professional interests.  The registration process can portray a great introduction to your event  – and we recognize the importance of it.

  • We are experienced in the most current registration technology, watching for new companies and technologies to bring the best to our clients.
  • We are experienced in creating a web registration that is efficient and easy to navigate.
  • We get you the information along the way that will add and enhance your industry database while at the same time managing the process for attendance at events and sessions.
  • We’ll manage the onsite process including badges, tickets and collateral materials. .
  • A final report of all registration statistics and demographics will be included in the post-show analysis.

Hotel Contracting & Housing

ConvExx is experienced at all facets of hotel negotiations and relationships.  Our philosophy of win-win allows the Show to maximize room pickup and the hotel to control inventory, so they can extend the rate as long as possible.

  • Our staff will negotiate all room blocks and rates and acquire function space as required.
  • Our systems allow us to monitor reservations by exhibitors and attendees to ensure that only legitimate attendees are housed in official blocks.
  • VIP reservations and amenities for the Board of Directors, Staff, and Association executives will receive special attention.