We Know Associations

We know associations – we understand why they exist and how they function.  Members of our team have over 40 years’ experience in association management, both as volunteers themselves and as management for associations.  We started two associations, one of which is over 30 years old.   Our areas of expertise include

  • Communication: Communication with members and those the members wish to reach is paramount.  We will develop and maintain an interactive website, use social media outreach and send timely and informative e-newsletters to your community.
  • Board Liaison: We’ll work with your Board of Directors to run the association smoothly, so the Board can do their job – strategically moving the association forward to keep pace with the challenges ahead. Weekly reports of activities, constant communication and accountability are the most important qualities and we’ve proven our ability over and over again.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: ConvExx uses GAAP accounting practices.  We are able to accept payment via internet, checks and cash, we can manage everything from dues collection to special event payments.
  • New Member Outreach: To stay strong, associations must grow.  We will  reach out to potential members and look for new sources for members.